'A word fitly spoken is as apples of gold in baskets of silver.'

Behold the man

'Behold the man!' [said Pontius Pilate about Jesus Christ] -- John 19:5

By Iain Mackenzie   iain_mackenzie.jpg

Behold the Man! Three simple words but can anyone expound them fully? Here are just a few of my thoughts tonight.

This Man created all things by the Word of His Power. Look up to the stars. Who framed them? This Man did. Does the make up of the human body ever amaze you? Does the fact that we can communicate to each other make you wonder? Do you ever think why we have to die?

Our first parent Adam sinned against God. God would have been just in putting an end to mankind there and then. He did not. He showed love and mercy. Behold the Man. We echo the words of another. ‘Sir we would see Jesus.’ Nothing else can satisfy our longing souls. Even reading or hearing the word ‘Jesus’ should lift our souls.

God veiled in flesh. That same flesh was pierced for you and for me. Your sins and mine pierced the One who created us. The fullness of God dwelt in His body. Hanging on the tree dying, still He ruled the Universe. This is my Beloved and I am His. The great I AM, the living one became the dead one! Can you grasp this truth? Behold the Man. Behold the dead man!

Let us move forward a little to the Resurrection morn. This same Jesus, who died on the cross at Calvary for your sins and mine, rose from the grave. He satisfied Divine justice through the death of deaths. The penalty due to us for our sins was paid in full. There is no more sacrifice for sins. The penalty has been paid!

'The last place that I wanted to go to with my sins, was to the One whom I had sinned against.' These words were penned by R.M. McCheyne yet they could easily have been penned by any one of us. No need to fear or be cast down today. Our Saviour awaits with open arms. The work is finished and needy souls are won for eternity. Be sure that you are one of them. Take God at His Word and trust Jesus with all your heart and soul and mind. What have you got to lose?

To whom else can we go? Thou alone hast the words of everlasting life. Behold the Man. Behold your sins forgiven. Behold a newness of life. Behold the Man. Behold Jesus! He is altogether lovely and He is my Best Friend.

Jesus Christ: The Real Story

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